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Berberine is a powerful plant alkaloid with a wide range of therapeutic benefits. Studies have shown Berberine can promote healthy glucose levels, assist with weight management, and increase healthy cholesterol levels. It is also known to provide heart health and antioxidant support.  This product is currently available for preorder.

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About Supplement

Why You Need Berberine?

Blood Sugar Control: Berberine supports healthy blood sugar levels.

Weight Management: It may aid in weight loss and metabolism.

Heart Health: Enhance cardiovascular wellness with berberine.

Digestive Support: Promote a balanced gut microbiome.

Antioxidant Benefits: Berberine offers powerful cellular protection.

Discover the advantages of berberine with Fleur's. Your path to better health starts here.

Berberine Supplement with Nature's Best:

Our berberine supplement encapsulates the power of nature's finest ingredients in every serving. Our carefully curated formula contains 1200mg of Berberine HCL, 100mg of Organic Bitter Melon Fruit, 100mg of Organic Ceylon Cinnamon, and 50mg of Organic Green Tea Leaf.

Holistic Approach to Overall Well-Being: 

Our all-natural supplement offers a natural approach to care for your wellness. Berberine with Ceylon cinnamon helps restore natural vitality and supports digestive well-being while offering better absorption. Berberine HCL offers immune support and antioxidant properties.

Comprehensive Support for a Better You:

Our organic berberine supplement works as an AMPK activator that helps support energy production and storage. Moreover, this supplement to lower cholesterol may help improve cognitive function and maintain cardiovascular function in both men and women.

Vegetarian Formula with No Nasties:

FLEUR Berberine capsules are formulated using only organic and vegan ingredients. Our non-gmo capsules do not contain gluten, wheat, soy, dairy, or any artificial colors or flavors. It's a vegetarian-friendly supplement designed to accommodate your dietary preferences.

Easy to Swallow and Highly Bioavailable:

Our powerful formula delivers 1450mg goodness in every capsule. Our easy-to-swallow capsules are made to be quickly digested and effectively absorbed in the body. It is suggested not to exceed the recommended dosage and consult a healthcare professional before use.